Opening of the exhibition’Justine’, by Justin Morin



New place of life and expression imagined by Nathalie Miltat in her loft of the Xe, APARTEMENT entrusts the curator of its first season to the art critic Timothée Chaillou. From September 2014 to May 2015, during five sequences, he will present five monographic exhibitions, for as many re-interpretations of the place by the invited artists. An intimate setting to better understand their work and take the time to discover.

First guest of the series, artist Justin Morin yesterday opened his exhibition entitled’Justine’. Don’t ask her who she is, he will answer you that she is an enigma:””Heroine constantly reincarnated and yet evanescent, she is the aria that resonates behind the scenes of the opera. Her skin is iridescent like silk, her hair caresses steel. They say you have to protect yourself from your eyes to avoid succumbing to it…”. A whole program, to discover at 27bis, rue Jacques-Louvel-Tessier.

Photos: Cédric Canezza
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