Opening of the exhibition” Second Home”

MAMO Audi talents awards


For the very first time, an exhibition dedicates the 13 Audi talent awards winners since the program’s inception in 2007, in the design and contemporary art category.

Logically, it was at the MAMO Audi talents awards that exhibition curators Amélie du Passage and Gaël Charbau imagined “Secondary Residence”, linking the exclusive works of these 13 artists through pieces shot around everyday objects in the domestic space. With :

Design winners: Cordoleani & Fontana (2007) Benjamin Graindorge (2008) Marie-Aurore Sticker-Metral (2009) Constance Guisset (2010) Arnaud Lapierre (2011) Felipe Ribon (2012)
Contemporary art winner: Cyprien Gaillard (2007) Wilfrid Almendra (2008) Pierre-Olivier Arnaud (2009) Emilie Pitoiset (2010) Neil Beloufa (2011) Eric Baudelaire (2012)

Saywho went to perch on the roof of the Radiant City the night of the opening

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