17.02.2015 Palais de Tokyo #art

Opening of the exhibitions ‘The Edge of the Worlds’, ‘Takis’ and ‘Bouchra Khalili’.

Can we make works that are not”art”? It is by attempting to answer this question – a few decades after Duchamp – that the Palais de Tokyo explores the interstitial worlds of creation and invention, on a proposal by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel.

The exhibition’The Edge of the Worlds’ invites us on a playful and visual journey to the borders of creation, revealing the research and inventions of visionaries beyond the traditional territory of art. From the giant (and moving) beach creatures of Theo Jansen to the more real and a little creepy humanoids of Hiroshi Ishigori, via the hair sculptures of the troublemaker Charlie the Mindu or the high-tech-cerebral fashion of Iris van Herpen, the exhibition invites us to take forbidden paths and to ride the fault line that usually separates artistic creation and creative invention.

In parallel with this great arch of mediums and colours, the Palais de Tokyo pays a vibrant tribute (and it is the case to say it), on level 2, to the sculptor Takis through the exhibition’Magnetic Fields’ commissioned by Alfred Pacquement. The one who was the first to’send a man into space’, six months before Yuri Gagarin, and who in 88 created a monumental basin of light signals on the esplanade of La Défense, is displayed in magnetic and electrical forces.

Last meeting, finally: the exhibition”Foreign office’ by Bouchra Khalili, winner of the SAM Prize for Contemporary Art 2013, composed of a film, photographs and documents going back to the decade 1962 – 1972, when Algiers became the”capital of revolutionaries”.

A dense and exciting program to discover before May 17.

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