Opening of the exhibition’Women of the head, Women aesthetes’.

La vitrine am - Paris Ier


For its 14th experience, La vitrine am presents””Femmes de tête, Femmes esthètes””, an exhibition that highlights twelve influential women and reveals their artistic coup de cœur.

Whether they collect contemporary art or are amateurs, La vitrine am questions the impact of creation on their professional lives, their decision-making processes and their personal enrichment. Each one is delivered through a masterpiece of its collection. For 2 months, far from the usual clichés, La vitrine am will focus, through conversations, on understanding how art nourishes and inspires these women decision-makers. A social subject which, in theory, should enrich the debate on parity, contemporary creation and art in business.

Femmes de tête, Femmes esthètes is the first edition of an annual meeting around women decision-makers and contemporary creation. Until 11 December 2015.

La vitrine am
24 Rue de Richelieu Paris I

Photos: Jean Picon
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