Opening of the Palais de Tokyo exhibitions

Palais de Tokyo


Like an odyssey, both physical and mental, Inside invites the visitor to cross a Palais de Tokyo metamorphosed by artists so that, from one installation to another, from one floor to another, the visitor is inside the works. A true inner journey, emotional and sensory, that pushes the experience of space to our most secret thoughts and fears. Clou de l’épopée, the Numen / For Use trio imagines a monumental installation entirely made of transparent scotch, offering the most daring the possibility to invest the work from the inside by advancing through the mazes created by the suspended organic form. A collective proposal by Jean de Loisy, Daria de Beauvais and Katell Jaffrès.

Curated by Julien Fronsacq, the monograph by Croatian artist David Maljkovic confronts a present that cannot be defined by exploring the effects of time, history, technique and work. Erosion of memory and corruption of information confront the visitor this time with the wear of meaning as much as with its destabilization.

The third main module of its new season, the Palais de Tokyo has chosen a curator, Jo-ey Tang, who has toured China and Southeast Asia. After a year of prospecting, Inside China offers a first selection in the form of a dialogue between five Chinese and three French artists (including Nadar).

Not to be missed: Shahryar Nashat’s exhibition, winner of the 2013 Lafayette Prize, the Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent Foundation’s programme and, as of 5 November, the Canal+ 30th anniversary exhibition with Xavier Veilhan

A dense and polymorphous programme, which confirms the institution’s desire to move towards the future, without ever leaving anyone in the artistic cracks of its path.

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