Opening of the Yuman restaurant

70, rue du Chevaleret


Newcomer in the Parisian landscape of good food and good living, Yuman displays color with a very first restaurant that gives pride of place to organic and design, in the heart of Paris left bank.

When asked where he came up with the idea of founding the Yuman “enlightened restaurant” concept, Gilles Tessier replied: “I wanted to create a restaurant in Paris that was 100% organic, a priority in the local area, so that, even in an urban environment, everyone could eat, with pleasure in their mouths; to rediscover authentic tastes, flavours, smells, sensations and emotions… while acting positively.”

A whole culinary program, nicely staged by the interior designer Michael Malapert, who set about creating an atmosphere reflecting the values of its owner, declined in glass, wood and concrete. Ecological, it goes without saying.

Yuman, illuminated restaurant
70, rue du Chevaleret Paris 13e

Photos: Say Who
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