Opening of the “Le bel aujourd’hui” season

Palais de Tokyo


New journey and new emotions at the Palais de Tokyo with”Le bel aujourd’hui”, which brings together the five major monographs and the two modules of this season. As always, the institution adorns itself with immense, surprising, unconventional installations, and thus invites the visitor to explore its World, hallucinated, proud and contemporary.

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot offers the crossing of a river that takes the visitor into a sound and visual flow that captures him. Leaving this phantasmagorical universe, Patrick Neu unveils an imaginary museum in which he brings together the memory of art and the vulnerability of materials. To these poetic transports, Korakrit Arunanondchai responds with the baroque encounter of the artificiality of the formal codes of contemporary animism and the acidic pursuit of a quest for meaning. Tianzhuo Chen, for his part, mixes tantric signs and contemporary clubbing languages. Finally, to prolong these unstable distensions, Jesper Just invents an excursion into a visual and psychic labyrinth where the visitor’s perception, the situation of his body and the subject of the images collide.

Last night, as always, the season’s opening was full of strange and contemplative creatures, punctuating his turbulent journey with performances and happenings of all kinds. With House of Drama and the fine flower of art in goguette.

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