Fashion is often about going back to basics. The trusty T-Shirt, the blue jeans or the comfy sweater, so many essential pieces are in our wardrobes but do they always rise to the occasion in terms of quality? With the young brand Orthodoxy, basics become the totems of sustainable fashion with the “minimalist and straightforward” vision of co-founders Kevork Kiledjian and Renaud Dubert. Derived from the words ‘ortho’ (straight) and ‘doxa’ (concept), the name of the brand keeps its promises. Orthodoxy’s essential pieces brilliantly walk the line between streetwear and luxury, novelty and permanence, with collections for both men and women based on three essential cuts – slim, loose and oversized. During Paris Fashion Week, the brand invited their friends to discover their universe at La Coquille. A good way to realize that in fashion, there’s no need to run to go to the essential.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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