Panoply opens wide the doors of your e-garden wardrobe.

rue Royale


Panoply, with a Y like “yes you can”, a new website that fashion fanatics won’t fail to succumb to. to change more often, to have more choices, or simply to finally dare this Olympia Le-Tan dress and its illustrations inspired by major works.
Instead of a purely dematerialized experiment, Panoply opened the doors of its showroom, rue Royale, a stone’s throw from the high-end boutiques and department stores that it is revolutionizing. The purpose? Change the uses and really enter into a daily fashion where the plethora becomes a source of pleasure and discovery and not a constraint.

How was the Panoply concept born?

Ingrid – I’ve been shopping for 25 years, and yet I still feel like I don’t have anything to wear. I wanted to get this over with. What gives us pleasure is not a relationship to a particular garment, but a feeling about a lifestyle, a particular moment. Today, the consumer society is becoming somewhat frayed. We want a lot more sense: after the purchase, we carry it, paf, a small photo on Instagram and it takes the way to the closet. We joined on this project: what interested me was to propose a flow of clothing and therefore an experience. It was time to dust off our cabinets and move on to the virtual world.

Would you say that Panoply corresponds to a current trend where people are more interested in experiences than material possessions?

Emmanuelle – Completely. My experience in retailing has made me see this evolution in women consumers, where they are increasingly aware of the financial equations of the classic economic model and therefore feel guilty, even before they have crossed the threshold of the shop. In the end, even if they arrived with a desire, their selection will be more a choice of withdrawal. To move from buying to experimenting is to withdraw this self-censorship, which is not so much a limit of means as a limit on risk-taking, since today, women are acutely aware of the stakes of consumption.
Ingrid – The principle of experience instead of buying and investing is to give women the opportunity to really enjoy themselves, that they dare their style, that they grow their look, and that they give in to this flower coat that is so enviable right away but that we won’t wear all winter and even less next year.

What triggered your desire to undertake?

Emmanuelle – Personally, I think that being an entrepreneur is a bit natural. When you have an idea, you want to develop it to the end. A lot of people have ideas, but not many get involved. The entrepreneur is the one who dares.
Ingrid: It’s telling me that when I do something, I really do it. The desire to leave a mark too. Involvement is nowadays one of the key elements for me in my professional career.
Emmanuelle – By joining together on this project, it is also the chance to leave a mark, to be able to meet people. It’s incredibly rewarding to create a corporate culture and bring people together in this adventure.”

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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