20.05.2022 Paris #art

Paris Gallery Weekend celebrates its 9th edition at the Pernod Ricard Foundation

Since 2013, Paris Gallery Weekend brings together modern and contemporary art lovers and professionals. For three days and in different areas of the capital, seven routes allow the public to meet artists, gallery owners and collectors. This year, 106 galleries joined the initiative, much to the delight of Marion Papillon, founder of the event. Last Friday, to celebrate the success of this 9th edition, the Pernod Ricard Foundation gave free rein to the Toomanyrecordss project, for an evening of music. Among the contributors, Reeve Schumacher, Davide Bertocchi, Marion Guillet, Sergio Verastegui and Josep Maynou came to celebrate the finest in contemporary art.

Photo: Ayka Lux

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