If there are shoes that please both men and women, they are those of Christian Louboutin. On the occasion of Paris Men’s Fashion Week, the red sole’s iconic creator invited friends, prescribers and journalists to attend a presentation-performance you could assimilate to a holy ritual. At the Oratoire du Louvre, the powerful dance performance shows men moving, fighting with intensity. The brand’s new designs come out as the stars of this reinterpreted fashion show, which was attended by a great number of well-known Parisian faces, all very close to the house. Sitting front row, Marlon Magnée, Kiddy Smile, Tom Leeb or Roberto Calvet didn’t hide their amazement at the performance, and we can only imagine them dreaming about their next purchases. We also meet the young Gaïa Weiss, Dorcas Coppin and Vanessa Guide who posed for an improvised photo session within this divine setting.

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