Belgian fashion house, MdN presented its autumn-winter 2018 collection at the Dôme du Marais this week. More than ever, the brand asserts a complete identity and a casual chic style all in modernity. With a touch of humour too: the brand departed from the endless fashion show and recreated that evening scenes of life (the MdN girl at the market, the MdN girl at the bistro) embodied by a dozen models rather cool girls than top models. Even if the house was born in Belgium, there is an undeniable Parisian style there – sometimes with some Anglo-Saxon influences. One would even suspect MdN to be seriously addicted to Jane Birkin (who is not?) : indeed the brand chose the beautiful Emily Labowe (alias @emlabowe), beauty very Sixties on the ascending slope and to be mistaken there lookalike of Brikin, to embody its collections on its country images (to see on @mdnwomen). The MdN girl has an attitude, she is not girly for a penny, and maintains an emotional link with her cloakroom. This concept of style in mind, we are not surprised to see the duo Brigitte get on stage and put the crowd in leg. But don’t fight, there’ll be plenty for everyone.

Photos: Thomas Smith
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