Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche is not a department store like the others. Rare historical establishment to federate around its universe number of followers (from regular customers to conquered journalists), one could believe that all this beautiful world constitutes a big eclectic family. And like any family, she likes to get together to share special moments, travel and make discoveries. Thus, after Japan, Brazil and Brooklyn (with a triumphant return to Paris last year), Le Bon Marché embarked for Italy. After all, is there another country where family is so important? Last night, it was around a giant pasta party that the three levels of the store were filled to the brim, guided by the melody of the Sorelle Marinetti, a trio of swing singers – who, on closer inspection, are actually three superbly transvestite men. Bluffing, even surprising! In the kitchen, the penne rigate concocted by the new prince of pasta and founder of the Al Dente agency, Patrizio Miceli, in concert with La Grande Épicerie de Paris, delighted all the taste buds eager for dolce vita. While the first courageous people dared to dance a few steps together and the most greedy waited patiently for their turn at the gelati stand, all we had to do was turn our heads to see in the crowd some of the faces friends of Le Bon Marché, such as Sarah Andelman, Lauren Bastide, or in particular Michael Burke, CEO of Louis Vuitton. Not forgetting the Italian Ambassador to France, Giandomenico Magliano, who, like everyone else, joined the family reunion under the evanescent dome of the artist Edoardo Tresoldi.

Photos: Say Who
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