Paul McCarthy Dinner x Monnaie de Paris



Paul McCarthy, a trublion of contemporary art, has once again not been discreet. If the FIAC sounds in Paris like the angelus in a country town, the American artist’s inflatable Christmas tree dildo has served as a sound deflagration throughout the city, and far beyond, with the well-meaning Place Vendôme as its epicentre.

But what seemed yet another open provocation turned out, two acts of vandalism later, the submerged face of the iceberg. The real reason residing at the brand new Monnaie de Paris, where the great McCarthy was invited to pose his’Chocolate factory’, among a forest of’butt plugs’ 100XL formats. In the series of salons of the 18th century, the attributes of a factory with its chains, machines and workers appear; a phantasmagorical landscape that transforms reality into a world of absurdity, but also and above all Guy Savoy’s chocolate into Santas with phallic grasps.

After the preview and his strangely stilted procession of officials, the artist and Christophe Beaux, CEO of the institution, hosted an intimate dinner in the salons of Lapérouse.

Photos: Cédric Canezza
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