If you were looking for the fastest way to travel from France to Korea via the Japanese archipelago, this week there is only one possible option: head to 76 rue de Turenne. There, at Galerie Perrotin, the new exhibitions spotlight the work of Jean-Michel Othoniel, Otani Workshop and Kim Chong-Hak. The tour begins with the exhibition of the latter, on the ground floor of the gallery. The 82-year-old Korean artist–very famous in his native country, where he is considered the “painter of the four seasons”–presents a series of twenty canvases. Upstairs, Japanese artist Otani Workshop presents “Tales of Awaji”: wonderful ceramics made in the tradition of Shigaraki clay. (Julio Le Parc, Xavier Veilhan and Jérôme Sans were enraptured by his naive characters.) Down a floor is Jean-Michel Othoniel’s exhibition, in the space located within the Saint-Claude impasse. The French artist presents his “Oracles,” a set of new sculptures made of glass and metal bricks in which he explores spaces, similarly to the agora presented at the entrance to the exhibition. Select guests came for an intimate exhibition preview, organized with the support of Perrier-Jouët, including ballet dancer Marie-Agnès Gillot, Flemish sculptor Johan Creten and iconic French artist Sophie Calle. Maxence Cyrin set the atmosphere with music while chef Pierre Sang provided the buffet.

Photos: Jean Picon
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