Love is definitely at the rendezvous rue de la Fidélité. After the success of the Hôtel Grand Amour by André Saraiva, Thierry Costes and Emmanuel Delavenne, the newborn Petite Amour blew (already!) its first candle last week. Around the emblematic founders and their two managers, Fleur Bertin and Angèle Sassy, the entire Amour family gathered in the bar, now a must, to celebrate this first of many upcoming anniversaries in a cheerful crowd. After the fanfare of the pyramid-shaped cake arrives, there is time for tasting, hugs and confidences over a drink. The most cheerful people quickly had a party at the heart shaped piñata hanging from the ceiling. With friends and without pretension, the evening extended to late hours at Mikado. “When you love, you don’t count!”

Photos: Jean Picon
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