Peuterey dinner at Caviar Kaspia’s house

Caviar Kaspia


It was in Paris, the undisputed capital of fashion and the last stop of the collections marathon, that Peuterey gave a dinner to celebrate Paris Fashion Week.

A rich season for the Italian brand Peuterey: not only by unveiling its latest campaign shot by the photographic duo Mert & Marcus, and by asking its mannequins, cast in casting under the eye of Brazilian director Bruno Llogti, to pronounce the brand’s name. Partner of the next INFERNO blockbuster by Ron Howard, Peuterey will also launch an Exclusive Edition “Felicity” jacket inspired by the one worn by the actress in the film.

At the invitation of Francesca Lusini, President of Peuterey, Anita Tillmann, Premium Managing Director and Federico Curradi, Artistic Director of Peuterey, friends of the house, including Alla Weber and Riccardo Tortato de Tsum, Leaf Greener, the blogger Veronica Ferraro, were able to meet for an exceptional moment at Caviar Kaspia, the Parisian high point of life.

Photos: Thomas Michard
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