Polar Christmas at Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann


Launch of the end of year festivities at Galeries Lafayette, with the illumination of Christmas windows. The Parisian department store gives carte blanche to the artistic director, director and composer Lorenzo Papace. On the programme, a scenery as chiselled as charming as it is charming, the centerpiece of which is undoubtedly the gigantic fir tree, animated by a big wheel and cable cars that inhabits the century-old cupola, and where polar bears and visitors live a magical experience, before continuing the adventure through the exterior windows.

Beyond a charming narrative, Galeries Lafayette emphasizes an ecosystem in danger of extinction, partnering with the NGO Wild Touch to raise awareness among young and old alike through immersive experiences – photo exhibition, conferences and educational workshops – of the importance of preserving biodiversity and our planet. A speech that will have touched director Luc Jacquet, a fervent defender of the Nature cause and Oscar-winning director of The Emperor’s March, as well as Audrey Tautou, who inaugurated the lights of the department store.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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