Presentation Hogan x Karl Lagerfeld

Hotel Salomon de Rotschild


Hogan and Karl Lagerfeld are inseparable. Third collaboration for the house and the designer, who this time propose a wise and elegant capsule collection. Supported lines dedicated to slender women, Lurex trousers, knotted trenchcoats, python shoes… luxury is displayed on every room, without any complex.

The traditional presentation at the Salomon de Rotschild Hotel has this season all bet on the impressive scenography, made of large black cages scattered in the rooms on the first floor. In the entrance, a labyrinth of plasticised fabrics, in which the models walked, served as a presentation.

Less pompous than the previous seasons, the evening still welcomed a bunch of beautiful fashion people, like Leigh Lezark or Alexandra Golovanof. Karl was also, of course, very busy with his interviews. Editors-in-chief, creators, and young people in style were able to take advantage of the gardens to discuss shows, and taste cocktails at the mansion. Garden party!

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