Presentation “Come See Come” at the Lafayette Galleries Foundation

9, rue du Plâtre


Last October, Galeries Lafayette announced the creation of a foundation to support contemporary artists and creation as a whole. Also open to design and fashion, this new institution that the art world was eagerly awaiting will spend its life in the heart of the Marais, more precisely at 9, rue du Plâtre. The originality of this pre-project? Lafayette Anticipation: bringing life and presenting the space – spread over 5 levels – even before its rehabilitation entrusted to the great Rem Koolhaas.

Thus,’Venir Voir Venir’ reveals in the building before transformation the architectural project conceived by the OMA agency as well as the projects realized during the last months within the framework of its prefiguration program. After being occupied for nearly nine months by the Foundation’s teams and more than twenty artists, the Marais building has become a space of freedom for creation. Proof of this DNA formed by the notions of collective experience and critical dialogue: the exhibitions held between October 2013 and June 2014, even before the rehabilitation, embodied the flexibility of the place in its operation but also in its inclination to keep a window open on the unexpected. An invitation to the public to share art in motion.

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