15.06.2021 Phillips, Paris #art

Profile By creates the perfect fusion between perfume and contemporary art

Diane Thalheimer has two passions: perfume and art. This expert in perfume creation even created her own profession in the 2000s: she’s an Olfactive Profiler. Collaborating with the biggest names in the perfume industry, she devoted her career to translating the DNA of various brands into fragrances. In 2021, her expertise gave birth to Profile By, a project based on the fusion between fragrance and the work of internationally renowned artists – considering perfume an extension of the arwork. For this first season, Profile By brings together six duos of contemporary artists and perfumer around olfactory works presented this week in the Parisian space of the Phillips auction house. Among them, Joana Vasconcelos and Anne Flipo, Adel Abdessemed and Paul Guerlain, Hubert Le Gall and Jean-Christophe Hérault, Daniel Firman and Nicolas Beaulieu, Pablo Reinoso and Domitille Michalon-Bertier, and Ori Gersht and Juliette Karagueuzoglou. Each duo came up with an original fragrance as well as a sculptural work edited in series of unique pieces or in 30 signed copies. The exhibition can be seen until June 25 at 46 rue du Bac in Paris.

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