It’s now a tradition: Olivier Zahm organized his Fashion Week dinner at Hôtel Grand Amour this week. Certainly the most fashionable (and the least stuffy) dinner of the week, this is an unmissable event of the Fashion Week. It was also an opportunity for the magazine to present its brand new and beautiful issue. On the cover: Anja Rubik. The top model was also spotted sitting at Arielle Dombasle and Bernard-Henri Lévy’s table, while every cool kid of the moment was in attendance. We’re of course talking about Dustin Muchuvitz and Raya Martigny, among many other. Olivier Zahm went from table to table, here Andreas Kronthaler, there Lily McMenamy or Marlon Magnée… A crazy atmosphere that sticks well to the skin of the magazine which remains a favorite of Parisians.

Photos: Thomas Smith
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