Rachel de Joode’s Porosity Vernissage

Galerie Christophe Gaillard


For several years, we have been watching Rachel de Joode’s work change state. Matter crystallizes, freezes, liquefies or evaporates, it is in constant evolution. Even if he was born in the studio, the artist’s work did not survive. The sculpted materials, assembled ephemerally, are photographed and shown as printed surfaces.

For her first solo exhibition in France called’Porosity’, Rachel de Joode presents three new corpus of works as well as a video, in which a viscous magic potion absorbs images and objects: pieces on bases (photographs), foam sculptures as well as large digital prints with raised contours. Vernissage review

Porosity’, an exhibition by Rachel de Joode
Oct. 10 to Nov. 15 2015
at Christophe Gaillard Gallery

Photos: Jean Picon
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