Radiooooo.com’s wild poster night

Tous les murs "Défense d'afficher" + Hôtel Amour


D-1 before the radio launch party that will change your life forever. Radiooooo with five’o’s, it’s a journey through time and space, and a host of musical experts that will allow you to discover what was heard in New Delhi during the Second World War or in Texas before Country. Saywho will come back to this in the next few days…

Meanwhile, last week, Benjamin Moreau, Noemi First, Alex Pan and the whole team of music lovers gathered at the Hôtel Amour to start the bottles and a long night of wildly illegal signage. Julien Weber and Michael Huard followed them on this great evening of anything, which still teaches us one thing: any act of delinquency can be done with elegance.

Quick, it’s this way!

Photos: Michael Huard
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