14.04.2022 Palais de Tokyo #art

“Reclaim the Earth”: Palais de Tokyo inaugurates its new season

Thursday night, the Palais de Tokyo opened its new season with a group exhibition “Reclaim the Earth”. Both a wake-up call and a rallying cry, this artistic project is a true cultural and political manifesto in a context of ecological emergency. Fourteen artists from different backgrounds, selected by curator Daria de Beauvais, rethink our relationship with nature, examine the links between our bodies and the earth and propose new ways of looking at the world around us. During the opening night, we could cross in the museum’s halls the exhibitors Solange Pessoa, Megan Cope, D Harding, Kate Newby, Judy Watson or Yhonnie Scarce, who spoke in public to explain to the friends of the Palais de Tokyo their techniques and the meanings behind their works. Parisians also enjoyed other exhibitions that are part of the new season, including “Les aubes chimériques” by Eva Medin, “Couper le vent en trois” by Hélène Bertin & César Chevalier, “Sporal” by Mimosa Echard, “Ge ouryao! Pourquoi t’as peur!” by Laura Henno, “Nous étions mille sous la table” by Aïcha Snoussi, “A Roof for Silence”, created by the architect Hala Wardé in collaboration with the poet and artist Etel Adnan and “Twenty years of Gardens to the People” by Robert Milin. A must-see until September 4.

Photos: Jean Picon

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