Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, and problematic practices govern textile production at all levels of the industry. While more and more designers are turning to ethical and sustainable fashion practices, there’s now a new commercial platform to help: Recreation. The project, spearheaded by Zara Prassinot, is the first online fashion platform that connects designers and consumers. Described as a “sustainable fashion playground,” transparency is its policy, bringing together brands with a shared vision like Cahu, Gaelle Constantini, Sandqvist, and Talia Collins. The community rallies around the cause, including muses like Mélodie Vaxelaire and Louise Follain (the latter is also a partner in the project, as well as artistic director). The “cool kids” turned up at the official launch, held on a Paris rooftop, notably Gaia Weiss, Joanne Palmaro, Inès Mélia, Marissa Seraphin and Thaïs Klapisch.

Photos: Charlotte Jolly de Rosnay
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