Red Bull BC One x Puma: back to basics



For 45 years, Puma has accompanied the heroes of street culture: basketball players, skaters but especially breakdancers. Today, Puma confirms its commitment to supporting the best by partnering with the most renowned hip-hop dance championship on the circuit: the Red Bull BC One.

Puma grew up on the street, and his Swedish model crossed all eras, popularized by the basketball player Walt”Clyde” Frazier. In the New York of the 1980s, where hip-hop culture took root, the shoe became the symbol of an emerging energy that it would never stop accompanying… until today, by supporting the dance event bringing together the best.

Created in 2004, the Red Bull BC One is today the ultimate podium on which b-boys around the world dream of climbing. Already a partner of the event in Italy, Japan and Taiwan, the brand is thus strengthening its desire to support the present and future of street culture. A tribute as well as a duty, where design meets sport, purity of style and precision of gesture.

Photos: Cédric Canezza
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