After the Venice Film Festival, the film “Red Land-Rosso Istria” was presented at Rome’s Sala Nassirya to an audience constituted of journalists and politicians. The film, by Italian-Argentine director Maximiliano Hernando Bruno, was produced by Venicefilm in collaboration with Rai Cinema. It was released in Italian cinemas on November 15. Killed because she was a woman, because she was emancipated and educated and, in addition, for being the daughter of the former village podestate, Norma Cossetto, an Istrian student from Visinada, was raped by Tito’s supporters after the armistice of 8 September 1943. The film tells the story of the young woman’s last living days and offers a historical fresco on the atrocities of Italy’s civil war. Selene Gandini is extraordinary in the role of Norma Cossetto, Franco Nero plays her teacher and mentor, as well as the film’s intellectual soul. Géraldine Chaplin, Sandra Ceccarelli and Vincenzo Bocciarelli also are part of this important distribution. The film is both a cultural and political event and will be shown in Italian schools in memory not only of Norma Cossetto, but of all the innocent victims of the war…

Photos: Sefora Delli Rocioli
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