15.10.2015 #music

Release party of Synapson by Lacoste & Warner

Paul and Alexandre make a pair. After 3 years of peregrinations on the road of the good festivals and a handful of famous single, Synapson finally releases his album, and celebrated it last night with a disconcerting release party and the complicity of Lacoste.

All new and hot,”Convergence” compiles electronic tracks to listen to in all circumstances, where the cardinal influences of the duo meet, from world music to hip hop, pop and house-funk. Groove, therefore, features a series of featuring from all continents: the Burkinabe Victor Démé, the Russian revelation Anna Kova, Broken Back and the Norwegian Bernhoft took part in the project.

It’s nice, dancing and nicely disturbed with surprising snags. Just like yesterday’s release party, which Warner Music hosted with the participation of the little crocodile and a whole bunch of guests as cool as the two friends.

Photos: Cédric Canezza

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