08.12.2021 100 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris #art

Remi Besse presents ‘R.A.S.’, a new photo exhibition for climate awareness

Film director Remi Besse just opened his new exhibition in a former SNCF coal factory. The address had been kept secret until the last moment: in front of Andy 4000 and Urumi’s turntables, the guests found themselves in this industrial wasteland populated with photographs in the heart of Paris’ 19th arrondissement. The project? ‘Rien à Signaler’, a photo exhibition dedicated to climate awareness, with contribution of many personalities from the culture industry. Model Regina Anikiy, rapper Rad Cartier, comedian Panayotis Pascot, to name a few. The profits from the sale will be donated to associations by Le Consulat, created by Lionel Bensemoun. At the opening, people from the fashion and music industries gathered to dance and discover the large series of visuals installed on monoliths in the middle of concrete blocks. The exhibition can be seen until December 12.

Photos : Thomas Smith

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