26.06.2018 8 avenue Victor Hugo 75016 #fashion

Renaud Pellegrino opens his new Parisian showcase

This is not Renaud Pellegrino’s first rodeo. Founder of his own label, Pellegrino Paris, the designer holds a special place in the international leather goods and accessories industry. As much a craftsman as he is an artist, Pellegrino made his mark with Yves Saint Laurent for whom he created bags that became iconic. This year, Pellegrino Paris celebrates its 35th anniversary. With this new chapter comes the opening of a new Parisian boutique on Avenue Victor Hugo, a stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées. This week, the designer invited journalists and friends to come and discover this new space with an intimate flair. Among them, Chantal Thomass, Jean-Claude Jitrois or Catherine Baba…

Photos: Thomas Smith

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