20.04.2022 Librairie Tschann #litterature

On the left bank, Pauline Mari presents her latest book

Last Wednesday, contemporary art historian, Pauline Mari, celebrated the release, by Éditions des Cendres, of her third book : “Membres fantômes”. “A book with a strange quality”, in which the author has seized the suffering of three artists of the 20th century. The book imagines a dialogue between the leg of the painter Hans Hartung, the hand of the poet Blaise Cendrars, and the eye of the surrealist Victor Brauner. The author gives body to these three amputated limbs, which made their holders suffer from a phantom pain until their death. Pauline Mari had gathered her readers at the Tschann bookstore in Paris, for a booksigning event. In the presence of her publisher Marc Kopylov and the Director of the Hartung-Bergman Foundation, Thomas Schlesser, she sat down with art historian Pierre Wat.

Photo : Valentin Le Cron

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