Roman Polanski, Emmanuelle Seigner and Eva Green at Club by Albane

Terrasse by Albane


Saturday May 27 was the second to last day of the Cannes Film Festival. It was also the day Roman Polanski got on the red carpet with his partner Emmanuelle Seigner and Eva Green, the two headliners of his film presented out of competition: “D’après une histoire vraie” adapted from a Delphine de Vigan novel. As the Palais des Festivals prepares to pack up the red carpet, the Terrace by Albane put the film and its team forward. Thus, the Terrace quickly filled with Polanski’s friends and Albane Cleret’s guests: Adrien Brody and Robert Pattinson to name but a few. The night expanded until early morning Club by Albane for those who were not ready to give up on those moments of parties and cinema.

Photos: Jean Picon
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