Romy Schneider / Patrick Dewaere Award

Hôtel Shangri-La


Two weeks after Cannes, we are back at the heart of film life with the Romy Schneider and Patrick Dewaere awards at the Shangri-La. Bérénice Béjo and JoeyStarr succeed Anaïs Demoustier and Gilles Lellouche this year. An evening punctuated by a few highlights, including a moving speech by Karole Rochet to her friend and the verbal jokes of Eric Nolleau, member of the 2012 jury and grand master of ceremonies for this edition.


FREDERIC VIDAL, General Delegate of the Romy Schneider and Patrick Dewaere Prizes

What are these awards and how are they awarded?
“They are the promise that the winners will make as good a career as their illustrious sponsors. They do not reward a film, but a potentiality. They are awarded by a jury composed of 40 film journalists, 20 women and 20 men. Women vote for the male prize and men for the female prize. It is awarded unanimously.

Why are these prizes said to bring good luck?
“We are in the 31st edition, and all the winners have made a career in longevity. There is not a week without one of them being on the bill. That’s pretty good.”

What is the famous cake ceremony?
“It’s a tradition. We’re celebrating the anniversary of the prize over a big cake. The new ones are welcomed by old family members who are close to them. Jean Dujardin welcomed Gilles Lellouche last year. This year, it was Karole Rocher who gave her prize to JoeyStarr and Gérard Jugnot to Bérénice Béjo. Like a passing of the baton”.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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