“Worms make the wine.” “The rain makes the wine”. These statements from David Shrigley – an artist who could be described as a compulsive draftsman or an analyst of daily life – now adorn the limited-edition box (thirty copies) of the Blanc de Blancs jeroboam by Maison Ruinart. The British artist, who lives and works in Brighton, has been chosen by the first established house of champagne for its annual carte blanche entrusted to a contemporary artist. After Vik Muniz, Liu Bolin and Jaume Plensa, David Shrigley is the twelfth artist to participate in this creative carte blanche and has visited the Ruinart vineyard in Reims on several occasions to deliver his artistic interpretation of the Maison. The result? “Unconventional Bubbles” (Bulles singulières), a series of 36 drawings (but also sculptures, installations and neon lights) that retrace the artist’s discoveries and amazement with not only the making of exceptional wines, but also the awe of nature itself. This week, the Maison Ruinart invited prestigious guests (Anna Mouglalis, Mélanie Laurent, Annabelle Belmondo, Bertrand Bonello) to a hidden room at the Opéra Bastille for a unique experience. In this exclusive setting with phenomenally high ceilings, Shrigley’s drawings (some of them in very large formats) evoke his experience with his characteristic sense of humor and a didactic scope that has significance for both the artist and the visitor. Further on in the exhibition, a large neon sign indicating “the best is yet to come” invites visitors to experience the artist’s journey in Ruinart’s Crayères including his “graffiti” left on the walls, or the ceramics aptly titled “L’Odeur des crayères” which, as its name indicates, contain the aromas of this unique place. The exploratory evening also featured an unexpected lyrical interlude with a singer perched high above guests’ heads for an unforgettable moment where time seemed to have stopped for a brief moment. 

Photos: Jean Picon
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