25.09.2020 Rupture Store, Paris #music

The Rupture Store celebrates its reopening with James The Prophet and Pab The Kid

If you love music and especially beautiful vinyls, you already know the record shop founded by Alexandre Sap, formerly housed in rue de la Fidélité. Starting September 2020, Rupture Store reopens in the trendy Haut-Marais neighborhood at 11th rue Vertbois. The new place has been fully designed by the talented architect Pierre Gonalons – already spotted at the 2019 AD Intérieurs exhibition. With black glass ceiling, pink parquet flooring and furniture, everything comes together to summon a perfect 70’s mood. At Rupture Store, you can enjoy a musical break around a coffee and “slow food” menu. Also, there are no less than 2,500 vinyls, a lot of them being original productions from the United-States and England. You will also find the entire selection of the Disquaire Day 2020, an international annual event which highlights the work of independent record dealers and allows music lovers to find some rare gems. To inaugurate the place, Alexandre Sap invited his numerous friends led by young rap prodigies Pab The Kid and James The Prophet.


Photos: Valentin Le Cron

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