Russian New Year Absolut Elyx at Plaza Athénée

Avenue Montaigne - Plaza Athénée


“Although the Soviet Union officially adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1918, the Russian Orthodox Church still follows the Julian calendar. The New Year has become a feast celebrated according to both calendars.” Wikipedia.

In Macedonia, Russia and Ukraine, it is not the 1st of January but the 14th of the same month that the Nation wakes up with a hangover. As Slavs’ penchant for opulent celebrations is not a secret for anyone, it is possible to define this passage to the New Year by the following Holy Trinity: blonde / caviar / vodka.

Last Wednesday evening, those who were not in Courchevel 1850 met at the Plaza Athénée to honour their roots and live one last time for 2014 the life of tzar.

Photos: Jean Picon
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