Samuel Boutruche inaugurates the Ateliers d’Artistes Icade with his nomadic studio work



Between the real estate group Icade and the French artist Samuel Boutruche, the spark is there. Icade has been involved for years in contemporary art with exhibitions organized in its IcadeStore, an open and interactive place designed to redefine our relationship with urban planning. Today, the group inaugurates the Ateliers d’Artistes Icade, its first artist residency with a revolutionary model: the project is articulated around a participatory and nomadic work, “Megalith”, created by Samuel Boutruche. A new approach that many art specialists and friends of the artist came to discover in the immense space in Paris-Aubervilliers. All invited by Maurice Sissoko, General Director of Icade Promotion, the guests were able to attend the deployment of the work during an unprecedented artistic performance. Also present were the four artists selected by the jury of professionals to participate in the very first Icade artists’ residency. They will work for seven months in their nomad workshops and will present their work at the end of the year. Thus “Megalith” makes herself the work giving birth to others, an intelligent mise en abîme that still promises beautiful days to the young contemporary creation.

Photos: Jean Picon
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