Scandal and Jean Paul Gaultier are the perfect pairing. The enfant terrible of fashion has turned scandal into a perfume that has become a classic in no time. During couture week, the house took over the Dosne-Thiers Foundation for the launch of Scandal by Night. The newest fragrance, Scandal in Paris, and its muse, Irina Shayk, were celebrated at the restaurant Lasserre, just a stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées. Who was kicking up the scandal but the Manko Cabaret burlesque performers Marc Zaffuto and Emmanuel D’Orazio, as well as Anna Cleveland, lying across white tableclothed tables, and Regina Anikiy worked a huge powder-pink bottle with her legs in the air. After the delightful acrobatics, a festive dinner drew out Claire Laffut, Alexina Graham and Nabilla Benattia, each dressed by Jean Paul Gaultier himself. Between courses, the performers were hard to turn away from: be it jugglers, or the singer Allanah Starr. At the after-party, a masked Casey Spooner and a sparkling Catherine Baba danced amongst the confetti and feathers to the DJ set by Jodie Harsh. Isn’t Scandal intoxicating?

Photos: Valentin le Cron
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