19.01.2017 Merci #fashion

See Concept becomes IZIPIZI

IZIPIZI, to pronounce “easy peasy”, is as easy, fun and colorful as the idea of changing glasses on a whim. See Concept, of which it is the new name, operates a change of identity to be even more in phase with its main idea.

In 2010, the brand, launched by Charles Brun, Quentin Couturier and Xavier Aguera, transforms the expensively constrained bezel into a fun, colourful and accessible ready-to-wear accessory, both in terms of price – barely a few dozen euros against hundreds usually – and availability, since his models can be found in the best fashion and design addresses in the world, from Colette to Isetan, from Merci to the Dover Street Market in New York, or even at MoMA and Selfridges. Since then, what has changed?” Nothing at all” explains the team, all smiles.

From now on IZIPIZI, the brand, whose ranges now offer sunglasses, sunglasses and rest glasses and since models dedicated to water sports and mountain spots, wishes to highlight its French vision and accompany its international development with this playful name in the shape of a palindrome and a new logo all in curves.

Photos: Thomas Kelly


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