In the FIAC period, it was difficult to envisage events other than those directly linked to contemporary art. Yet it was at No42 that Adidas invited his followers this week to discover a photo exhibition signed Alix De Beer. The photographer, a follower of a style close to real life, has put into images the pieces of adidas collabs like Y-3 or adidas by Alexander Wang. His models? Cool Parisian girls like the singer Margaux Avril, the girls of the duo Dyade Julie Fournier and Cynthia Tolleron, or the bloggers Alizée Gamberini and Camille Callen alias Noholita. The opening of the exhibition is a breath of fresh air in a Paris dominated by contemporary art. The opportunity to share a drink in a relaxed atmosphere and have fun finding, in the audience, the faces displayed on the walls.

Photos: Pierre Mouton
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