Show Les Prairies de Paris x opening Thomas Lélu

Rue Debelleyme


Last night, the little Debelleyme street turned into an asphalt catwalk during the Paris Prairies show. A runway with public benches for front row and big subwoofer that spits out the Berliner to blow the whistle. Quite far from the bucolic imagery that we whisper the title of the Parisian house, especially as the skewer of it-girls scrolling is angry. An army of urban amazons – among them Lou Lesage, Margaux Lonnberg, Marina Fois, Zoé Le Ber, Claire Tran, and Judith Grynzpan, who total look the activist messages painted raw on canvas by Thomas Lélu. “I lost my virginity, can I have yours?””, “”Why be normal?””, ” I wish Morgan Freeman narrated my life”… We don’t know what these girls are getting at, but we wouldn’t get into it.

Double use for these paintings, since we will find them exposed in the shop a few minutes later, a hanging directly varnished by Benjamin Clémentine's showcases (which we had missed since Calvi, The Shopping – thundering resurrection of the featuring Lélu / Monfort, to finish in apotheosis with the set of Acid Washed. In the Prairies of Paris there is no Ingalls, but the best in cool, all media combined. Damned! B.B.

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