Shu Uemura Cocktail by Karl Lagerfeld

Espace Commines


If usually the Commines space is known for the softness of its light and its immaculate walls, the small haven of peace of the eponym street programmed, last Tuesday, a big red and white fair. There were a few high-flying front row, like the day of the Maxime Simoens show, with its flock of bankable actresses addicted to the minimal, but never such agitation had experienced the bony geometries of the Parisian glass roof. A great mass announced, that of the omnipotent pater Karl Lagerfeld, who presented his capsule collection for the house Shu Uemura. The most collaborative man on the planet injects his illustrious DNA into some of the Japanese brand’s flagship pieces, and creates for the occasion a small Kawai doll named Mon Shu Girl. Cuteness, cuteness. Except that, as the evening went on, the protean presence of the nice little fringed doll became almost anxious. At least for everyone who remembered Chucky, the killer doll.

That evening, too, we were treated to a real ball of actresses, starring Sandrine Kimberlain, Laura Smet, Vahina Giocante, Julie Gayet, Sylvie Testud and Karole Rocher. Between two cups of vintage brut, other vaporous personalities tried to catch the lilies stuck at the back of the play: Dani, the director Sylvie Verheyde, and Joey Starr, who made a patibular entrance to the arms of the lush Priscilla de Laforcade. Kaiser Lagerfeld, as for him, made the turn of his work, tried some stands with phlegm, and threw a handful of aligato before joining the impregnable mezzanine, to see there the world of higher.

A beautiful happening high on goodies, and a question of size for the big world of featuring:””Who’s next, Karl?””. B.B.

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