17.05.2022 Fondation Louis Vuitton #art

Simon Hantaï honored at the Louis Vuitton Foundation

Throughout the season, the Louis Vuitton Foundation is looking at life in colorama. Suzanne Pagé has chosen Simon Hantaï’s dreamlike world to accompany the exhibition “La couleur en fugue”, which opened two weeks ago. Simon Hantaï’s unique technique of colorful “folding” has inspired artists all over the world. Curated by Anne Baldassari and held in collaboration with the Hantaï family, this project is called “Simon Hantaï. L’Exposition du Centenaire” (this year marks the centenary of his birth) and brings together one hundred and thirty works by the French artist of Hungarian origin: most of them are exhibited for the first time. At the opening, we met Delphine Arnault, Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers and Mathieu Gallet, who discovered his immense work under the guidance of Anne Baldassari and Suzanne Pagé.

Photo: Valentin Le Cron et François Goizé

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