Sloggi celebrates 35 years with Andrea Crews

Le Fantôme - Rue de Paradis


Sloggi panties blew out 35 candles last night with Andrea Crews’ entire crew. The brand has indeed joined forces with the collective to imagine a series of seven underwear, necessarily uncomplicated, and has entrusted Maroussia Rebecq with the queens of her birthday bash. Between Japanese arcade games, pinball machines and table football, the Phantom is not in the habit of languishing in torpor. But that night, with Andrea Crews, his MC of choice + Diis Paradis and Clara 3000 on the turntables, it was definitely an avalanche of happiness. A real boom as we like them, with extra panties, and pairs of eyes definitely naughty. Thank you Sloggi!

Photos: Chantapitch Wiwatchaikamol
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