SMART BATTLE Cocktail x 1.618



Last Friday evening, L’Ecurie presented the new event device created for Smart, named Smart Battle. An immersive, sensory and experimental journey.

Created in partnership with the 1.618 show as part of an installation “Hors Les Murs”, three inflatable structures housing a series of projects on the theme of the “city” were placed at the heart of the 3rd : film screenings, live lightpainting by the specialist in the subject Tim Marsh, battle at the wheel of Smart simulators, photocall, and more !

Food and drink: Burgers, hot dogs served by the Refectory, cotton candy, yummy cheesecakes, beer and champagne accompanied this farandole of animations.

For those who would have had the misfortune to miss this breathless happening on the square in front of the III arr Town Hall, the next edition of the smart battle will take place during the Nuits Sonores. A wise man is worth two

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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