09.09.2020 Pavillon Puebla, Paris #lifestyle

Snowmelt brings a taste of Colorado to Paris

Did you know that Colorado was the second state in the US with the most breweries? The quality of the water and the unrivaled know-how have made it a destination of choice for American craft beers for years. In 2008, three friends, Matt Cutter, Henry Wood and Dany Page moved to Colorado to create their own company, the Upslope Brewing Company, specializing in making craft beers from the best natural ingredients. In 2019, a crazy project was born: the creation of their first alcoholic sparkling water (or “hard seltzer”, a booming category in the United States) born in the Rocky Mountains: Snowmelt. Brewed in Boulder, a city located at an altitude of 1,624 meters, this new kind of beverage is made from the fermentation of cane sugar and combines natural fruit aromas. It comes in three flavours: lime & juniper, tangerine & hops, pomegranate & acai. In 2020, Snowmelt arrived on the French market thanks to Cobex – once again an adventure between friends – which sources and distributes the best “craft beers” on the French market. Its co-founders Yann Casen and Richard Glass and their associates Sébastien Perrier and Jean-Philippe Brichant invited their Parisian friends to a big party at the Pavillon Puebla, a green oasis in the middle of the city, not unlike the wide open spaces of Colorado… www.snowmelt.fr

Photos: Jean Picon & Cédric Canezza

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