04.09.2018 Les Maquereaux #fashion

Summer is not over for Jeanne Damas and her Rouje party

It’s a fact, summer holidays are behind us and now is the time to get back to work. Still last night Jeanne Damas wasn’t about to let go of the summer days as she organized her “Rouje party” at Les Maquereaux. The Instagram star and Parisienne par excellence invited all her friends, from singers Aurélie Saada and Angèle to top model Constance Jablonski to designers Amélie Pichard and Yasmine Eslami, to a whole bunch of Rouje girls. Under the lantern lights, everyone gathered at the tables with white and red checked tablecloths to share a drink or two, and it didn’t take long for boys and girls to go work the dancefloor with a DJ set of Ines Melia.

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