Superstar by adidas originals evening



“Superstar is not what you think it is”

adidas originals proposed us last night a gill combo to decasquer a Daft Punk, not to say both. And for good reason: after the reappearance of the eternal Stan Smith (more inevitable than a pigeon), the brand with three bands decides, surfing on this first success, to reissue another historical icon of the house: the Superstar. Emulation, palpitations, serial orgasms in the east of Paris, which receives the news in the heart like a Deus ex machina in the urban cloakroom.

To support this much anticipated launch, adidas invited 10 artists to reflect on the question:”What defines a superstar?” Through their photos, videos, installations, the young guard of Parisian creation set out to sketch answers, against a collective vision too often conditioned by the cult of fame. Without worrying about trends, expressing its singularity. Au turbin : Adulte Adulte, Alice Moitié, le Creative Sweatshop, Le Memé, Louis de Caunes, Ludovic Zuili, Mire Fanzine, Pain Surprises, Playground Paris and Ugo Mangin. A high-flying aggregation which found itself in rue Saint Fiacre in the 2nd to celebrate in music the return of the prodigy son.

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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