From June 17 to September 5, Lafayette Anticipations invites Marguerite Humeau and Jean-Marie Appriou for a new exhibition. ‘Surface Horizon’ is a journey that starts from the indoor façade of the building designed by Rem Koolhaas to take over its entire exhibition space. The two French artists create a dialogue between their two singular visions to explore the vegetal world and the visible and invisible interactions within the earth through various scenes and installations. The artists consider soil as “a place of exchange and interdependence”, which nourish their dreamlike considerations faced with the reality of the earth being destroyed by excessive human activity. Marguerite Humeau imagined the exhibition’s scenario. It features her own study on “weeds”, which become the exhibition’s main characters – a way to celebrate “marginalized species, feelings and stories.” In this new-generation garden, Jean-Marie Appriou presents a series of half-human, half-vegetal sculptures that stand out as prophetic beings celebrating two species linked by the earth…

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